Bruno @ São Paulo

Bruno estava escutando All Along The Watchtower, do Bob Dylan. Ele disse que essa música lhe faz pensar em um cenário faroeste, sair andando por aí pela estrada. Bruno disse escutar geralmente coisas mais antigas, como Creedence, David Bowie e o próprio Bob Dylan, que, segundo ele, é um dos melhores compositor de todos os tempos. De artistas novos, Bruno disse gostar de ouvir System of a Down.


Bruno was listening to All Along the Watchtower, by Bob Dylan. This song makes him feel like he’s in a western scenario, walking along an old road. Bruno said that he will frequently listen to old artists, like Creedence, David Bowie and Bob Dylan, which, in his opinion, is among the greatest composers of all time. From newer artists, he enjoys listening to System of a Down.

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