Gustavo @ São Paulo

Gustavo estava escutando “Roxanne” do Police. Ele disse que a vida toda dele ele sempre gostou muito de ska, mas que ultimamente ele tem variado bastante, ouvindo também muito blues, jazz e rock também. Seus artistas favoritos são Skatalites, Beatles e o próprio Police. Ele disse que a família dele sempre ouviu muito The Police, especialmente um tio que ele não via tão frequentemente quando era mais novo, e quando ele entrava no carro desse tio, invariavelmente estava tocando The Police, portanto essa música o faz lembrar dessa época. Recentemente ele tem ouvido um sexteto de jazz/punk-jazz japonesa chamada Soil & Pimp Sessions


Gustavo was listening to “Roxanne” by The Police. He said that all his life he’s been into ska but that lately he’s been mixing it up, listening also to a lot of blues, jazz and rock. His all-time favourites are: Skatalites, The Beatles and The Police. He told me that his family always liked The Police, specially one of his uncles, one that he didn’t see very often when he was a child. Whenever he entered this uncle’s car, The Police was playing on its stereo, so this song takes him back to these times. Recently he’s been listening to Soil & Pimp Sessions a jazz/punk jazz sextet from Japan.

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